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Integration of Biological Processes

Hematologic System

Immune System

Endocrine System

Nervous System

Gustatory System

Olfactory System

Visual System

Auditory System

Vestibular System

Circulatory System

Lymphatic System

Respiratory System

Digestive System

Liver and Biliary Tree

Exocrine Pancreas

Urinary System

Male Reproductive System

Female Reproductive System


Musculoskeletal System

Dermatologic System


Historical Perspective

"A man cannot become a competent surgeon without the full knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, and the physician without physiology and chemistry flounders along in an aimless fashion, never able to gain any accurate conception of disease, practicing a sort of popgun pharmacy, hitting now the malady and again the patient, he himself not knowing which."

Sir William Osler (1849–1919)





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